Did billy corgan dating tila tequila who is jim norton dating

Jessica Simpson has had quite a few ups and downs over the last year, especially as far as her love life is concerned.

The latest development, though, has her linked to an unexpected new guy.

Clearly, Corgan hasn’t exactly helped his cause over the years — it’s easy enough to chart his decline from global alt-rock stardom to being the kind of guy who dates Tila Tequila and stars in local furniture commercials.

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In entirely unrelated news, Billy Corgan is following up his eight-hour Look, I’m not here to point and laugh, Nelson Muntz style, at Billy Corgan.

From about 1991 to 1995, Smashing Pumpkins were critical darlings and also unimpeachably cool, their poster up on the wall of every teenager who wanted any sort of serious music cred.

There was the decision to “re-form” Smashing Pumpkins with Jimmy Chamberlin (who didn’t stick around long) and two randoms who weren’t D’arcy and James Iha, and the resultant disaster of a tour.

And then there was the wrestling league (and attendant reality show).

2009 - 2009Tila Tequila and Billy Corgan attended Bravo's A-List Awards together, and posed on the red carpet looking pretty cozy.

Sources said that they looked very happy together, but the relationship didn't last.

Billy has dated the famous likes of Helena Christensen and Courtney Love in the past - maybe he's up for a bit of a change of scene!

We bet Billy's a change of scene for Tila, a woman who shot to fame by posting sexy photos of herself onto My Space and scored her own bisexual Bachelor-style matchmaking show!

So, tell us what you think — are Jessica and Billy too bizarre to be a couple or are they strangely perfect?


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