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Even Jesus took the time to step away from his ministry, get a good nap in, and do some praying.If he set boundaries, then we definitely need to also.I went on a first date with someone about whom I’d made some pretty big assumptions and I almost didn’t go.

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When you don’t know what your boundaries should be or you let them change from day to day, it’s easy to lose a sense of who you are.

Instead of being responsible for your own happiness, it gets far too simple to take on the emotions and needs of the person you’re dating.

My assumption about this person indicated that I was on a date with an old fashioned misogynist.

But there are other women who may not be offended by this gesture, and may even feel cared for by it. Here are three tools you can use to make sure no one crosses your boundaries: If you know, be as clear as you can from the beginning about what your boundaries are.

This is also the easiest period to discuss make or break limits since relationships only become more complex over time.

I have worked with individuals who can pinpoint the exact moment when a red flag came up but they ignored it and are now in the middle of a messy divorce. Say “I see it differently” and express your point of view.

When rules become excessive, we find ourselves stagnant.

If you are too strict with your likes, dislikes, will/wont do’s, you may be missing out on new experiences that could grow your personal edges or expand your worldview.

Try to approach differences as an opportunity to figure out how to navigate those inevitable future points of dissention.


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