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Anna Komar, 25, from Kremenchug, was in a stable condition.

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Ice sweat and tears online dating

Another photo seemed to show no one ready for the snap, with an off-screen helper and a woman trying to corral one child, while the youngest stared off in shock as a man watched on.

Funnier still, Santa himself appeared to catch up on some shut-eye during the exchange, closing his eyes and nodding off.

But a judge ruled that she must remain in a detention prison for two months pending a criminal investigation into alleged dangerous driving causing deaths and injuries.

The court was told that a urine test revealed she had taken cannabis.

The baby is stable, the mother is in medical coma but it won't hurt her baby.

We need to keep watching.'Ms Zaitseva's father Vasily Zaitsev did not mention the victims in his only comment on the crash caused by what eye witnesses saw as his daughter's reckless driving.

I am hoping that families will allow my parents to help them because this is the worst that could happen.

All my thoughts are about it.'Her lawyer Yulia Kozyr - famous for representing prominent people accused of corruption in Kharkiv - had sought house arrest for her.

Meanwhile, one mum had to bring the festive cheer herself in her snap, beaming as she held up a crying boy in one arm and an unenthusiastic girl in the other.


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