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See you there."The entire purpose of these sites is to get offline as soon as possible , so with that brief note, you've accomplished your goal. Lets meet Sunday at Mc Tavish coffee pub at pm for one hour. He just crapped out a lame message that could be copied and pasted to 1000 women a night. Unless read/deleted is your goal and I am suspecting it isnt for most guys.Each message should be short and just TAILORED to the individual. (please learn to SEARCH and just READ the many replies to this same question)1) 90 percent of getting replies here has nothing to do with the message you send. When she looks at your pics and profile she is pretty sure at that point if you will get a reply before reading your message. Which the quoted suggestion is pretty close to an example of.2) humor always helps. Don't talk in gangsta wannabe lame stuff.4) Do not talk about you.Regardless of your opinions on these facts, there is no doubt that online dating has become extremely popular.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. No matter what anyone tells you, getting a response is 99% to do with your photos. If you go to too much effort and don't see any positive results you'll get very demoralised very quickly.

So if I come across a profile of a girl who seems really interesting, should I tell her what my name is and ask her hers? I also tried two approaches in messages: one is to write a long description about myself, past, future goals, miscellaneous, and also sent very brief one-liners. As this is my first time ever on a dating site, I don't know if girls want a lengthy introduction or don't have the time and prefer one sentence.1. Make sure based on what she's writing that she'd be open to you messaging her (if there's any indication).2. If she doesn't like your photos / fancy you then it makes no difference at all what you write. At the risk of sounding a cynic, don't set your sights too high on internet dating.

On the other hand, a paste job or one-liner will not be welcomed - unless you are very clever, very very good looking, or obviously filthy rich, from your profile (and I'll pass on guessing where you fall on that scale with women). -sowrite The way I write depends on the profile of the girl but generally I have less humor in the message than what's on the profile. I never really evaluated what I was doing but I take this approach as well and it seams to work for me. If she has tattoo's I'll ask her to meet me at a tattoo convention. I saw your profile and loved the fact that your into art. Check out my profile and if I peek your interest let know and it's a date. Woman with a one sentence profile don't get a response from me unless I really think they are hot. Thought you were smoking, would love to know a little more about you.

Cowboy is correct that the note is only a small part of the picture. My car starting might only 10% depend on my starter and battery working, but they have to be in decent shape for much to happen. Don't send the message and assume they will just show up though. Their's an art exhibit in our area I've been meaning to check out. If I don’t get a response I don’t take it personal, for all I know she doesn’t date guys who are not catholic but her profile say’s nothing so what can you do. I avoid coffee/tea dates unless there is nothing else to do.

Its just a way of showing hte ladies they are extra special ;)So when you are sending that special someone a message be sure to click that "attach a Be Mine Rose" button but remember you only get 2 per month so you have to be careful with how you use em ;)But if you run out of Be Mines you can always start sending gifts as long as you have enough POF points!

I can attest to this, as I experimented with having photos of me in everyday life then some more 'classy' photos of me in suits..majority of girls I messaged replied when there was a photo of me in a suit, but less than 5% when I was just in regular clothes/life.Put that time into your profile you spent 5 minutes on and is only 3 lines long!9) Never copy and paste or send a generic sounding message.Use 3-4 lines politely expressing interest, maybe mentioning one thing that impressed you or you both seem to have in common. Pick a place where you can talk about what’s going on around you if the personal conversation takes a lull.End with some version of they should feel free to write if interested or else good wishes etc. The mall, art show, flee market, Costco for samples, be creative while avoiding creepy. However, the girls on here that are average get a lot more messages than guys. You have to realize this and message more than one girl. Are you using the same writing style and casual humor that you have in your profile ? I would focus more on a good match by doing an advanced search and then messaging themwith your own writing style and ideas. So there should be a good description of you on your profile. With that noted , your first message reasonably could be: "Hi, I've seen your profile and I would like to meet you. They can read your profile, and respond with a "Yes" or "No". Consider the function of this site: To locate and to meet people.


  1. Honestly, I can see why most guys avoid trying to "figure it all out." It's not intuitive.

  2. You miss the way he made you feel more than who he actually is.

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