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Their relationship was exposed after Kevin was photographed giving Charmaine a lift back to her apartment in 2008.

They broke up in 2009, and have remained as friends.

This love couple was touching and I liked the winter scenery.

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There have also been many reconciliation rumours about the ex-couple, and fans have also hoped that they would get back together again.

will be premiering on Monday, June 19 2017, at the golden time slot, 9.30 pm.

It's more important that I can communicate with my significant other," Chan maintained.

She also shot down rumours of her father's dislike for Cheng, saying: "I know the (Hong Kong tabloids) want something sensational and eye-grabbing to write about us, but when it involves my family, I'd prefer not to comment so much."Kevin hasn't met my parents yet. Anyway, I feel there's no need to rush things."When asked if she's worried about Cheng spending lengthy periods of time in China's entertainment circles where temptations abound, Chan said: "Are there (temptations)? We share a great chemistry and I don't think I need to scrutinise his every move."Does she have enough self-confidence to keep his heart in Hong Kong then?

Then on my birthday, he threw a surprise celebration with my girlfriends."On what was the most attractive part of Cheng, the Hong Kong-born Canadian grinned and asked reporters: "Have you seen him in the flesh? "Their 22-year age gap does not bother her one bit."That's not a problem for me.

For all my previous relationships, age was never an issue.

Third time I saw Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow collaboration as couple was in The Seventh Day.

Niki Chow had cancer in this drama and broked up with Kevin because she didn’t want to be a burden.

The first time I saw Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow pairing was in Hard Fate.

I remembered Niki Chow liked Kevin Cheng and kept on texting him and he was annoyed.

Then Kevin Cheng saw Niki Chow staying in the rain waiting for him the whole night and then they started to date. The second time I saw Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow pairing up was in Under the Canopy of Love.

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