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Khufu's obituary is presented there in a conflicting way: While the king enjoyed a long lasting cultural heritage preservation during the period of the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom, the ancient historians Manetho, Diodorus and Herodotus hand down a very negative depiction of Khufu's character.Thanks to these documents, an obscure and critical picture of Khufu's personality persists.

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One of these inscriptions mentions a workmen's crew named "friends of Khufu" alongside the note "in the year of the 17th cattle count", but it is questioned, if the number of years points to an biennial cattle count, or if the number must be taken verbatim.

Newer evidence from Wadi al-Jarf however, give a third clue about the true length of reign: Several papyrus fragments contain handwritten reports from a royal harbour at modern-day Wadi al-Jarf.

It contained many precious grave goods, and several inscriptions give her the title Mut-nesut (meaning "mother of a king"), together with the name of king Sneferu.

Therefore, it seemed clear at first that Hetepheres was the wife of Sneferu, and that they were Khufu's parents.

For example, Khufu is the main actor of the famous Papyrus Westcar from the 13th dynasty.

Most documents that mention king Khufu were written by ancient Egyptian and Greek historians around 300 BC.

All other reliefs and statues were found in fragments and many buildings of Khufu are lost.

Everything known about Khufu comes from inscriptions in his necropolis at Giza and later documents.

The Royal Canon of Turin from the 19th dynasty however, gives 23 years of rulership for Khufu.

The ancient historian Herodotus gives 50 years and the ancient historian Manetho even credits him 63 years of reign.

Mainstream Egyptologists believe Sneferu was Khufu's father, but only because it was handed down by later historians that the eldest son or a selected descendant would inherit the throne.

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