Little big planet not updating florida adult golf camps

An app of 468MB will need to download and install on your Vita from the Remote Play Cross-Controller screen.

This should happen automatically if you have followed all the other steps.

Hook up your Play Station Vita to your PS3 via USB.

Once the systems are connected, click on “content manager” on your Vita.

Once LBP 2 has launched on your PS3 and you are in your Pod, press the square button to access your LBP pod menu via the on-screen controller (just like you’re going to play any other game in LBP 2).

From there, you should see “Cross-Controller” on the right side of your screen. Now it will ask you to pick up your Play Station Vita and start the “Remote Play” app.

You have to not use the easy settings and use the custom settings.

1st thing you need to know is the IP set-up of your network.

Some of the main issues most noticeable include the Little Big Planet 3 server status, when down it has a huge impact on online gameplay.

Others have had in-game glitches where they have fallen through floors, DLC content does not install properly and so much more.

On the “Remote Play” app, you will see “cross-controller.” Click “Cross Controller.” Follow the on-screen instructions and click “next”.

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