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Main Index Law Library Philippine Laws, Statutes & Codes Latest Legal Updates Philippine Legal Resources Significant Philippine Legal Resources Worldwide Legal Resources Philippine Supreme Court Decisions United States Jurisprudence G. Thus, the minimum annual contribution was computed at Php2,520.00.

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It postponed the rate increase several times to relieve the public of the burden of simultaneous rate and price increases.

It accommodated the stakeholders and heard them through consultation.

AQUINO III, AND PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION (PHIC), Respondents; MIGRANTE INTERNATIONAL, REPRESENTED BY ITS CHAIRPERSON GARRY MARTINEZ, CONNIE BRAGAS-REGALADO, PARALUMAN CATUIRA, UNITED FILIPINOS IN HONGKONG (UNIFIL-HK), AND SOLEDAD PILLAS, Petitioners-in-Intervention. 7875, the National Health Insurance Act ( The objective was to implement comprehensive reform in the health sector and, ultimately, to provide universal access to health care for all Filipinos including the poor.

On February 7, 1995, Congress passed Republic Act No.

Nevertheless, the petitioners availed of the wrong remedy in coming to this Court.

and their disregard for the hierarchy of courts, these procedural grounds warrant the outright dismissal of their petition.

In any case, COA's disallowance of these items are presently under appeal and The events that gave rise to the present action and the filing of the case occurred during the incumbency of President Aquino.

Moreover, the petition contains no allegations as to any specific presidential act or omission that amounted to grave abuse of discretion.

They argue that increasing contribution rates would be completely unnecessary if the Corporation used its funds more judiciously.

The Petitioners-in-Intervention ( members is equivalent to the amount that the Government annually incurs to maintain coverage for the poorest of the poor.

On February 21, 2012, Phil Health moved the effectivity date of the new rates for the OWP Program to January 1, 2013.

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