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But surgeons said the report overplayed the risks of an established procedure.

Poundland's new trading director was followed by ITV cameras for his first year in the role, as he rallied the buying team to boost sales by focusing relenetlessly on the retailer's most popular products.

Clare, who spends 12 weeks of the year travelling abroad sourcing stock, getting tough with one supplier, Jamie Denham, by demanding an emergency supply of 1.2million units of reading glasses in just 45 days.

'I want to be really clear, I want the right grade, the right quality and the right testing.

And of course I'm a buyer and I want it all,' she said on the show.

When the pair met in Hong Kong to finalise details, the merchandise manager demanded: 'Where is my stock? So determined is she to ensure that stores don't run out of the popular reading glasses, Clare makes the tough decision to sacrifice over £100,000 in profit in order to get the supplies to the UK by air within seven days - rather than by sea, which would take six weeks.

'But Jamie visibly relaxed after Clare admitted she'd been a 'nightmare', and thanked him for delivering on her challenging deadline.'I do think I am appreciated,' he laughed nervously. It's the buyers' job to get the right products in stores at the right time - and at the right price.

From slashing the prices of products to beneath £1 for the first time in the store's history, to taking advantage of 'shrinkflation', Barry manages to boost profits by ten percent.

But when the morning of June 9th 2017 brought news of a hung parliament, the pound plummeted again, which begged the question - will there be even more trouble in Poundland?

Clare refuses to take no for an answer and, eager to please his client, Jamie agreed to set up a specialist production line in the Chinese factory that manufactures the frames solely to meet her exacting demands.

The machines were run non-stop for two solid weeks, churning out the cheap reading glasses 24 hours a day to fulfill the order.

For the stars of the documentary, that even meant launching their own versions of popular brands in a bid to keep customers happy while boosting profits.


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  2. Establishing transportation corridors to the Pacific Coast was vital to the fur trade.

  3. This season highlights a trip down to Florida where the family adventure includes a first time jaunt to a water park, a panic room activity that calls for teamwork and communication in order to make it out of the room on time, deep sea fishing that proves to be a challenge for some of the kids, and a home cooked meal for the entire family by Cara and Mady.

  4. To do that, "talk about yourself in anecdotes," says Gonzaga.

  5. Do your friends rave about the local bar and swear that it's one of the best ways to meet someone, yet you never have success there?

  6. Et la « part relationnelle » de notre « temps-écran » est conséquente, constituant souvent la majeure partie du temps passé .

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