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The IQ MODULE ensures an extension of the application limits and thus increases faultless operation of the system, especially when using new refrigerants with increased discharge gas temperatures.

In addition, the linked monitoring and control functions increase operating reliability: additional fan, CRII, capacity control and refrigerant injection can be switched accordingly in relation to each other.

ECOLINE compressors with the IQ MODULE provide a wide range of digital functions for more user-friendliness, benefits in use and operational control.

Therefore, cabling requirements are reduced to a minimum and the number of components in the switch board goes down.

The IQ MODULE enables the use of a standardised switch board for MT and LT applications without any changes to the controls.

To make our platform more intelligent, respond faster, easier to use and accessible from all devices, we want to provide users with the best interactive experience possible.

To accomplish this, we need people that are passionate about the web, that love to crunch big data and get excited working with the newest technologies.

Heartbooker wurde 2003 gegründet und wird seitdem von unserem Team ständig weiter entwickelt.

Jeden Tag arbeiten wir dafür, dass Sie Ihren Traumpartner finden.Er fordert IT-Sicherheitsmindeststandards, entsprechende gesetzliche Rahmen werden derzeit geprüft. #Spectre #Meltdown Ulrich Wegener hat maßgeblich die Aufstellung der GSG 9 verantwortet und leitete die Spezialeinheit bei der Befreiung der "Landshut" im Oktober 1977. This makes VARIPACK frequency inverters tailor-made for many applications.The frequency inverter is preconfigured and equipped with special firmware for INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS from BITZER.Additional benefits of the ECOLINE series are Compressors in the ECOLINE series experience optimum protection through the monitoring of oil supply, motor and discharge gas temperature and application limits.


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