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'As the term has continued to be used, I have distanced myself from it as I felt the meaning has changed and has been overused to package negative fads, which I do not support.’She added: ‘I am removing the word “clean” from posts to ensure no relation to the new meaning of the word and what it has come to represent.’The Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, who wrote The Art of Eating Well despite holding no formal qualifications in diet, nutrition or cookery, were given their own Channel 4 show.

Many of my patients have now lost teeth, and several of the really unfortunate ones have dentures.

Most worryingly, though, repeated vomiting means the body can lose vital electrolytes, chemicals that have a range of functions from regulating heartbeat to enabling our bodies to move.

By the time she gets to see a specialist such as me, she is often emaciated.

Her collarbones jut out at angles, her legs are so painfully thin that, sometimes, she is unable to even squat down, or walk up a flight of stairs because her body is so desperate for an energy source, it has started effectively eating its own muscles.

Occasionally, I will see a woman whose body is struggling so much to bear her remaining weight that it has started to consume the muscles in the neck that keep the head up, meaning she can’t lift her head.

I’ve had to admit several such patients as an emergency straight from my clinic because, otherwise, they will soon die.

In 2015-16, there were 2,913 admissions — up from 2,287 in 2011-12. Every few years, doctors like me notice a trend that grips the public as the answer to obesity.

Celebrities jump on the bandwagon, bestselling books are written.

When these are knocked out of balance, it can result in heart attack.

At best, clean eating is nonsense dressed up as health advice.

Before she’s even opened her mouth, I know what the young woman sitting in front of me is going to say.


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  2. Duisburg celebrated its 1100th anniversary in 1983. The municipal theater and parts of the city center were damaged. In 2010, 21 people died because of a mass panic at the Love Parade; over 500 people were injured.

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  8. It's also revealed that Hooper conducted an unauthorized LSD experiment which resulted in a soldier killing himself, and therefore forced Django out of the Army.

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