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Cultural identities come from somewhere, have histories.

But, like everything which is historical, they undergo constant transformation.

She accepted and was given the choice of persecution or illness as a life trial. Shortly after, she was looking out of her bedroom window at a clear starry night, asking why she had been chosen, when a shooting star moving in the distance suddenly approached her and landed on her forehead, filling the room with light (Cruz).

She had become the living incarnation of the Holy Spirit, who at that moment revealed to her the name of God in this new era: “MITA” or “Spirit of Life.” For it had been prophesied in Revelation 2.17 that “He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches: To him who overcomes, I will give…

But down the street, in stark contrast with its surroundings, rose an ultra-modern, multi-story, marble and glass building, bearing large M’s in golden calligraphy over its many doors.

It was the new temple of a “Congregation” which now has chapters in major U. cities, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic; it also owns furniture and cinder block factories, cattle ranches, farms, stores, supermarkets, credit unions, and a lot of real estate.

On the way to Barrio Obrero, the little houses, as humble and neatly kept as ever, now read “MITA en AARÓN” over their doors.

The small temple, though still standing, showed little activity.This issue of Latin American Issues has as its main goal the textual redefinition of the Caribbean(s) from a multiplicity of perspectives that bespeak the cultural diversity of this multifaceted social space.In his essay, Erik Camayd-Freixas analyzes the upsurge of the urban cult to the goddess Mita in Puerto Rico.Far from being eternally fixed in some essentialized past, they are subject to the continuous ‘play’ of history, culture and power.Stuart Hall The Caribbean, as a social space, has become a palimpsest of multiple writings and rewritings over the last five centuries.Each one of these texts does violence to the previous one, but none of them cancels each other out.


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