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..357 Franzheim Edwaid B, Wlieeliiig front cover ARTIFICIAL LIMB MAXUFKS. Wheeling Tent and Awning Co Page left top lines, 7 and 539 BAKER AND CONFECTIONER. Traders' National Bank, Buckhannon 104 Lowndes R T & Co Savings Bank, Clarksburg 149 Traders' National Bank The, Clarks- burg 147 West Virginia Bank, Clarksburg 151 First National Bank, Grafton 225 Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings Bank The, Grafton 223 Exchange Bank, Mannington 305 Second National Bank, Morgantowii. Donaldson, Morgan & Co., 2110-2114 Main St., Wheeling, W. REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS Sold, Repaired, Ex- changed or Rented.

Greenbriar Hotel 44.5 Guay & Perkins 445 Hudgins Clarence 445 ST. right top liues and 559 Shipley S J ...557 Simpson & Tatum 549 Steinmetz C 537 UUum S B 541 Union Iron and Wire Works 567 Vance Shoe Co 551 Vockler William 561 Wheeling Brass Co left top lines Wheeling Business College front cover and 547 Wheeling Paper and Cigar Bo.x Fac- tory 559 Wheeling Tent and Awning Co lett and top lines, 7 and 539 Wheeling News Lithograpliic Co 533 Wheeling Mold and Foundry Co back cover Wheeling W^ire Works 561 INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS, Classified Willi Reference to liusiness. Page Robinson J C, Pittsburgh right bottom lines and 6 ARCHITECTS. Jacobs Elmer F, Morgantowii 336 Alexander W J, New Martinsville.

Duty & Ireland 239 Fawcett D A 409 Pennsboro Ne^s 4(i9 Pennsboro Republican 409 Pedigo W B 409 PHILI. Barbou r Democrat 413 Commercial Hotel 413 Poling A S 413 Talbott Mrs J W 413 Tygart's Valley Bnnk 412 Woods Samuel V 413 PIEDMONT.

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j Carter Electric Co, Pittsburgh j right bottom lines ! Mecum A E, Parkersburg 389 Neuman & Montiegel, Wheeling 5ri5 ELECTICAL SUPPLIES— WHOLESALE. Clarke W E Engraving Co, The opp 590 FLAVORING EXTRACTS.

Mountain State Electric Co, Wheel- : ing 539 CONTRACTORS — STONE. Doubleday-Hill Electric Co., Pitts- burg, Pa left top lines ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Meyer & Kadclitite, Wheeling 559 FLOUR MILL MACHINERY. Point Pleasant Machine Works, Point Pleasant 4-2'S FURS. Popp Joseph, Chareston 129 Burkle Wm T, Wheeling 569 Halftermeyer & Stahi, Wheeling 553 Schramm Geo, Wheeling 557 HOKSESHOERS.

Phillips' Manufacturing Company, H untingtou 257 CIVIL ENGINEERS- Jackson & Knox, Parkersbnrg 387 COAL. Van Gilder Druggist, Point Pleas- ant 421 Page Parkersburg National Bank, Park- ersbnrg 373 Tygart's Valley Bank, Philippi 412 Farmers' and Producers' Bank, Sis- tersville...... Wheeling Paper and Cigar Box Fac- tory 559 BRASS FOUNDERS. Ill 619 Wheeling Brass Co, Wheeling left top lines BREVVERRS Reyman Brewing Co, Wheeling right top lines and 525 Schmulbach Brewing Co, Wlieeling..557 West Virginia Brewing Co, Hunting- ton right top lines BRICK MNFRS.

Mc Kinley J C, Wheeling 549 COAL 5IINERS AND SHIPPERS. 193 Montana Coal and Coke Co The, Fai rnion t 193 Mononguh Cual and Coke Co, Wheel- ing 549 C()LL? Alleghany Collegiate Institute, Al- derson 63 Marietta College, Marietta, 645 West Virgii}ia University, Morgan- town 335 Wheeling Business College 547 CONFECTIONERY. i Caldwell B F & Co, Wheeling 567 Caldwell & Drake, Parkersbnrg 371 CONTRACTORS — ELECTRICAL. 473 Doddridge 'County Bank, V.'est Unicm •'23 West Union Bank, West Union 523 BAR FIXTURES. Pekari Robert, Wheeling 563 barber's chair Jt NFRS. Bentel Theo F Company, Ltd, The Pittsburgh top lints bill poster. Monticello Brick Compauy, The Clarksburg 147 AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Page Electric and Mechanical Instrument Co, Pitts))urg;h right top lines DYERS. Bragdon John C, Pittsburgh, Pa top lines Dunlop David, Pittsburgh right bottom lines JRawsthorne Eobert 864 ENGRAVERS — STEEL.

Co., in tlie office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. The present work is presented in entire confidence that it will fully meet all the requirements of such a publication, and will be found upon examination and practical use to be fully up to the standard maintained by the publishers in the previous issues ; the assurance is given by them that no pains or expense have been spared to secure the utmost thoroughness and accuracy in every department of the work, both by an exhaustive canvass of the State by a corps of trained agents, and a careful and painstaking compilation by ex- perienced and skillful men.

The volume now placed in the hands of its patrons, hy the publishers, is the seventh edition of the West Virginia State Gaz- etteer, the initial volume of which was issued twenty-two years ago.

Page Artificial Limb Mufg Co left top lines Bentel Theo F Compa Dy, The Ltd...


Independent Herald, The 246 Templetou & Son 246 AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Page Abbott D E 257 Arlington Hotel 259 Biagi & Marchetti 257 Consumers' Ice and Cold Storage Co.259 Johnston Undertaking Establish- ment 257 Jones John A 818 Miller M E 259 Parson's Southern Agency Co 261 Philips' Manufacturing Company 257 West Virginia Brewing Co right top lines KINCi WOOD. Continental Hotel 313 Dodd John W 313 Heiston W H 315 & 669 Heller Henry 317 IVIILTON. Acme Pn])lishing Co, The 336 Grant E M 339 Ha\es WW 339 Jacol )s Elmer F 336 Lantz .

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